A Mais Forte  
Portuguese Film [12:12]
[U]: Suitable for all ages


After breaking up, Daniel and Julia decided that the best thing for their son Thomaz was to live with his father. The family was not in trouble with this deal, until the day Thomaz was harassed at school, bullied for living alone with his father and by being different from his friends of divorced parents living with his mother. By asking his father why he was not like his friends, the boy triggers not only a crisis of masculinity in Daniel but also in the relationship of the former couple.

Cast: Elea Mercurio, Jessica Madona, João Tiburcio and Rodrigo Átila
Director: Clara Eyer and Savina João
Screenwriter: Jessica Madona and Savina João
Producer: Savina João
Production Company: Caleidoskópica Produções
Distribution: Gonella Productions

Newchic WW
Newchic WW

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