A Procura Que Vai Chegar  
Portuguese Film [06:09]
[PG]: Parental guidance may be required for certain scenes


Three people with differents trajectories and lifes, however joined for a same purpose: finding a cure for close people that got sick. The time is short, 14 days. Three axis of seeking, the music, the chemical alchemy and the witchcraft. Somehow will end the seeking of the cure that will arrive? The society is sick, consequently you are as well.

Cast: Lara Júlia, Abraăo Kimberley, Ícaro Pio, Luanda Mayra, Lux Machado, Miriam dos Santos, Malek Noucuzi
Written & Directed by Abraăo Kimberley, Ícaro Pio and Lara Júlia
Production Company: Madrugada Filmes
Distributed by Gonella Productions

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