The 22nd Floor  
Hindi 10 Episodes
[PG]: Parental guidance may be required for certain scenes


Rishab, Kevin and Zeeshan hail from different parts of India and work in the same company. With a change in their job, they shift to an apartment closer to their office to ease the travel where they meet Carol and Pragati, their neighbours. Things get compelling when Rishab meets Ziva, a spirit living in the house. Ziva starts developing a soft corner for Rishab because of his caring and honest nature. All hell breaks loose when Ziva comes to know that Rishab and Carol are seeing each other.

Cast: Sumit Satija, Prakhar Toshniwal, Devidutt Mohapatra, Anupama Udawant, Tanya Shahi, Pearl Pereira, Pramod Bansode
Written by Hasan Shaikh, Bishnu Biswas
Directed by Amol Galve
Produced by Saumya Suvarna, Ashwin Suvarna
Production company: Saumya Arts and Entertainments Pvt. Ltd.

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